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MSP1A - Starting with MS Project

1 den
10 000 Kč

Goals: To train, how to manage project with using MS Project. The course teach also basic terms/skills of Project Management. Attendees will practise many case studies - the course is more workshop than theory.

Who should attend: Beginning Managers

1. Preface
1. Project management
2. General plan of a project
3. Critical Path Method in praxis

2. How to Build a Project Plan
1. Stage 1: Project Set-up
2. Stage 2: Enter Task Details
3. Stage 3: Enter Durations Against Tasks
4. Stage 4: Outline the Plan
5. Stage 5: Link Tasks
6. Stage 6: Check and Adjust
7. Stage 7: Assign Resources and Costs
8. Stage 8: Resolve Resource Allocations
9. Stage 9: Baseline the Plan
10. Stage 10: Manage - Track Progress
11. Stage 11: Share Project Information
12. Stage 12: Print
13. Entering Tasks and Durations
14. Resources
15. Costing
16. Recurring Tasks

3. Case studies
Case study 1 - The goal of this case is to practice basic commands in Microsoft Project.

Case Study 2 -The goal of this case is to practice the Critical Path

Case Study 3 - The study solves the most common situation – working only with the tasks and calendar: The project is scheduled to the fixed ending.

Case Study 4 - The goal of this study is to exercise the skills in the phase of the project realization. We will work only with tasks and resources, without any costs, or wages, or cash flow. We will discuss a typical situation of tuning the expiration date step by step. At the first glance the study seams simple. But imagine you have 50 such projects running at the same time. Typical cases can be educational firms, advertising and P.R. agencies.

Case Study 5 - The goal of this case is to exercise how to work with resources, how to make a budget, a calculation of profit and a cash flow forecast. The questions of payback periods of the invoices are usually boring and out of interest for people with technical background.

Case Study 6 - The goal of this study is to exercise a complex project including realization, without resources.

Case Study 7 - The case dealing Master Project, solves the external predecessors and successors. It deals electrical connection with Resource Pool.

Case Study 8 - The study deals with custom fields and the formatting of the project.

Materials: Slide show + texts prepared by the lector