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MS Project Advanced

1 den
6 000 Kč

MS Project Advanced - one day course with skilled, experienced lectereurer speaking very good English!
Bring your own notebook with MS Project installed - this course is focused on MS Project 2013 release.

You will learn, how to:

  • sofistically use MS Project for planning and especially tracking your projects
  • how to control and to reach milestones and final goals on time and on your budget
  • how can you implement MS Project into your Enterprise Planning System
  • how to develop a simple "whole enterprise method" to manage control for all your projects

You will excersise on this prepared case studies
Case Study : Filter and grouping the sources - Filter, WBS, general tasks, codes for filters, grouping, threads codes

Case Study: Pert Method - how to input the tasks timing as the weighted average, pesimistic, optimistic and middle schemes of the project, Gantts  Diagram special fitiing

Case Study: How to use grant - schedule, visual overviews, cash flow tuning, realisation

Case Study: Economy in the Project - financial analysis, wages, owerwork, types of sources, budgets sources

Case Study: How to work with Budget Sources - how to report Budget Declination

Case Study - Multiproject (Master Project) - how to build and work with Master Project, how to set up a central Found of sources, how to share sources in the partial project

Case Study: Microsoft Office Project server (if demanded!) -how to install and set up access priviledges

Case Study: How to Administer the Server (if demanded!) -Global Templates, user accounts, calendar, Server Administration

Case Study: How to manage the human Sources on the Server - how to import sources, generic sources, source's visibility,   exchanges

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